About Us

We Make Something People Want
Our company has been widely known and accepted through its huge level of value and excellence due to the fact that it has been making serious and professional attempts combined with with the act of exhausting its whole time, money and energy to bring its customer idea to existence ever since it was established in 1999 E.C
The founder of the company, Father and Son Artist Tefera Assefa and Tewodros Tefera with their industrious and diligent employees leave no unturned stone to exercise readiness to embark on a bold new venture that has always been observed and complemented by the people who have been buying service from the company so far. The company has a huge determination to act in a certain way to increase the extent of its quality in the near or foreseeable future. We, by the way, have an extensive intention to let our customers become aware of that, we in intense despair, need your complement to fill up the remaining to quench your thirst for satisfaction. In addition to what has been stated, we would kindly like to give our word that what's required by the customer will be provided in a way that gives more pleasure for better service by means of what is created by the technology belonging and in the present time.
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